A Word From Our Pastors . . .

Bethany is simply a bunch of regular people who have messed up, blown it, failed and missed the mark more times than we’d like to admit. But by the grace of Jesus Christ we’ve found forgiveness, meaning and purpose for our lives. Because of this, our vision is to dedicate ourselves to Him and to passionately share our collective story with as many people as we can.

So that’s what we’re about, and we promise that our volunteers, the church staff and all of us will do everything we can to help you on your journey of faith here at Bethany.          

Pastor Jay, Pastor Jason, Pastor Kelcie

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2018 Valentine Banquet

A WIRED Preteen Fundraiser

All proceeds will support the Preteen Mission Extreme

May 25-28

Adults $15, Kids $5

Sign up & choose your entrée online

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Prime Time Banquet

The furnace at Parsonage #3 has been replaced & the Averys are back at home.  We are thankful for a Carbon Monoxide detector alerting them to the dangerous situation.

Cost of the Furnace:    $5300

Offerings So Far:         $3525

Still Needed:                $1775

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April 27


Wichita First Church


Jesus Valentine